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Serious Mojo to get your Juju back


My next few blog posts are going to be about necessary and beneficent energy management tools for Empaths.

There are some very good external tools to help us on our Empath journey but they can't help much if we are not rocking our own energy management. The most important skills we can gain as Empaths are internal ones - as these will always be with us and are absolutely necessary for our true empowerment.

So we will start with the most essential aspects of Empath energy management, starting with:


I cannot overemphasize how important this is.  Regular reclaiming and reintegration of your energy is basically like a mini, conscious, regular soul retrieval. With this level of awareness of what we are doing with our energy, we are also much less likely to experience unconscious soul loss!

Our energy, or pieces of ourselves, goes out when we interact with others, think of others, worry about others. As Empaths we have an Openness that is the home of or our Empath "superpowers" - but this same Openness can be our undoing! In other words, our Openness- if not managed skillfully- can create huge energy drains for us.

Not taking care of this can and often does turn into serious health problems, when it manifests in the physical. Things not managed usually do have to show up in 3D, as our soul or higher self's way of whacking us with a 2 X 4 to pay attention (believe me, our souls tried to give more subtle nudges and did not resort to the 2 X 4 except out of desperation!).

One very central feature of the Empath's life and spiritual journey is learning how to be skillful with our superpowers!

We need to bring back or reclaim our energy on the daily (and for those of us who help others as a profession, we may need to do this often in a day). You can create your own ritual to do this.  My Guides have taught me good ways to do this, that have shifted over time with my own growth and changing. The Guides have encouraged many of my clients to do this. The process should include:

*Recalling all of our energies- intending that even stuff you aren't remembering is included
*Resetting our energy field

One aspect of this that we will go into in more detail about later is "boundaries."

Many Empaths have trouble with understanding and appreciating the need for boundaries.  Actually "boundaries" are a rudimentary aspect of projecting our energy powerfully and beneficially. Empaths who don't understand the need for healthy boundaries are predictably the ones whining about being victims of other people. The energy drain we experience with others is real but the only one who can do anything about it is us. The common denominator is always US.

Nobody can become skillful for us.  Nobody can take advantage of us when we are superskillful at managing our energy. There is a level of accountability that must be attained to be a skillful Empath, and we all have to start at the beginning: Energy Management 101.

Realizing that our energy is our own and claiming and reclaiming it is the first step to being a skillful healthy boundary setter.  Otherwise, we will stay stuck in a draining dramarama of resentment and blaming others for our own lack of skillfulness.

Another need-to-understand aspect of the Oneness issue is that Empaths tend to naturally send out our energy without awareness.  It's like casting our net, and bringing back other people's junk along with whatever treasures we might have come across. We wonder why our emotions aren't matching our own situation, or why we feel so tired and drained. Because of the Empath Openness and the tendency we have to take on other people's emotional debris, we have to constantly ask ourselves: "Is this mine?" Healthy boundaries are not complete until we thoughtfully create preferences/boundaries for our own energetic behavior.

We can learn to be more discerning and mindful about how and why and when we 'cast our energetic net', but until we do and even when we do, we still need to know how to clear, reclaim and reintegrate our own pure energy, in order to be whole.

Reclaiming and reintegrating our own energy is a fundamental aspect of empowerment. It is self responsibility. No matter how skillful we get this will always be a part of our work as an individuated being. We chose to be humans living in 3D. Even if we are part of the divine wholeness (we definitely are), we also chose to experience life as an individual. For that reason we need to be committed to self-awareness and thoughtful self care.  Delightfully, mindful and loving self care is inspiring and contagious!

Our empowerment creates a morphic field for others to empower themselves too. So working to liberate and empower ourselves is service-to-others based, not selfish!

Ultimately, our empowerment as Empaths is the truest service we can offer to others. 

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