Fierce Empath

Serious Mojo to get your Juju back



What a wild, wonder-filled, magical and inspiring window we opened yesterday. Thank you for your gentle, enlightened spirit. 
*Robin B.
Not only is Brooke very good at channeling the messages coming through, she also has the sweetest essence; she is a gentle, kind soul. You are immediately at ease in her presence, whether it be in person or over the phone. Most everything she relayed was an immediate "oh yes, I understand what this message is for" reaction for me. And the parts I didn't connect to - wow - started popping up soon after our reading. For me everything was connected, in a way only I would know. She is good...she has a true gift for channeling your guides and their messages.
*Sara B.
What I came to discover with Brooke’s steadfast guidance, active listening and incisive input, is that I had many of the answers deep within my heart & soul. I benefited hugely from having Brooke Tatum as my personal coach to unlock some of my own answers, intentions and dreams. In our work together, I found an empathetic/empathic professional who gave me meaningful tools, built on my truth and helped me build the self esteem to be able to draw long overdue healthy boundaries. Now, I feel much more clear, free and liberated, something I am so grateful about.
*Wendy R.

Brooke has taken it to a new level. She was able to communicate with my mother and bring me messages that helped me heal a rift that we had had for 4 lifetimes. I highly recommend Brooke.

She has helped me no one else has...that I am NOT crazy (well, maybe just a tad!) And how to navigate being an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person.

I USED to believe people when they told me I was too sensitive...I'm not TOO sensitive...I'm merely sensitive.

I always felt like I was trying to fit who they thought I should, thanks to Brooke...I'm learning how important boundaries are to me...and other Empaths.

As you may or may not know, I only promote people that I feel have "it".

Even though Brooke is a dear friend, and I adore her....I would not share her information if I did not know how very authentic and from integrity she is.

She has one of the rarest gifts that I have seen with her connection to other realms. one hell of a deal...because I predict she will be very, very booked in the future.

*Paula J.
My guide work with Brooke has helped me uncover pieces of a puzzle that didn't quite fit. When I began exploring guide work I had some trepidation but the moment Brooke helped me open the door I received validation that continues to help me clear up doubt and be directed with clarity. Brooke's caring and thoughtful counsel is invaluable to me.  

*Dixie S.

I highly recommend Brooke for a reading with your spirit guides. I got more relevant information from Brooke in one session than I had from a year of counseling back in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Brooke made it very clear what they were saying, why they were saying it, and what to do with the information and she did it in a patient and kind way. I was able to apply the knowledge the last few days and everything turned out better than I could have imagined. Everyone needs to have a reading like this. The insight she gave was amazing!

*Teri K.

I highly recommend Fierce Empath Brooke Tatum for a reading and guidance. She was spot on! I am looking forward to working more with her to further heal and grow. Thank you Brooke, your wisdom and grace has given me the courage to do my healing. I bow to you Sista!

* Toni L.

I had a One Question Reading from Brooke, and I have to say that, even before the Reading took place- things surrounding my question started to untangle themselves and show what I had been hoping to hear, regarding my question! The energy and compassion around this reading has sparked a new level of appreciation for those of us who understand Empaths! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom- it is truly a Gift!

After an intuitive reading/healing session: One of the most profound healing sessions I've ever had! Thank you,  Brooke!

*Liz M.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing working with those who have special gifts to assist me on my quest in seeking to understand my existence. I sometimes meditate and or journal to bring into my life someone that will give me what I need for my Highest Good. I was fortunate enough or should I say guided to Brooke Tatum. I was precise in what I needed to know and understand and through her ability and guidance from her guides and mine I was able to unlock more of the mystery of who I am. I invite anyone who seeks to know themselves to seek Brooke.

*Jeanette D.

I feel so fortunate to have found Brooke Tatum. I had no intention of doing this kind of work and yet I felt a strong emotional pull toward it. I am so glad I followed my intuition!  Setting up an intuitive reading with Brooke was the first step of a profoundly healing transformative experience.

Brooke “meets you where you are” spiritually and emotionally. As someone grieving a loved one and facing a crossroad in my life, Brooke’s insightful feedback about my specific challenges amazed me. She clearly tapped into profound messages and meanings, including symbols that were important to me and my late spouse. With clarity and kindness, she encouraged me to consider new ways of relating to my past relationships and those “stuck places” emotionally and spiritually. To call them “shortcuts” to awareness and change might sound trite, but it’s true. After even one session with Brooke, I told a friend that I feel a sense of release similar to a block of ice inside me thawing, melting, and breaking apart. The word that best describes it for me is FLOW.

Needless to say, I plan to continue working with Brooke and keep that flow of revelations and transformations coming. If anything inside you is whispering “yes” to this kind of empathic guidance, I urge you to listen to that inner voice. You’re in excellent hands with Brooke.

*Emme W.  

So, the reading.  Wow.  I say that without exclamation point in a less than articulate attempt to match the elegant way in which you read and delivered information to me.  I love your style, your articulate writing, your down to earth, matter of fact truth telling.  Everything that you say rings true to me in that I feel heard and seen and honored.  I am deeply grateful.

*Debra S.

"My reading with Brooke was very insightful and the information she presented from her spirit guides, resonated deeply and brought clarity to what I had been experiencing.  Her insightful reading encouraged me to know I was on the right path and her guidance inspired me to continue pursuing a higher vibrational self. Brooke educates as well as guides and that in itself is a valuable gift- one of many that she possesses. I highly recommend Brooke as a coach and spiritual guide."

*Susan M.

I am humbled by Brooke's gift, her love and respect for her intuitive gift, is shared with you from her heart, she is amazing, she is real, I love this lady very much.

*Nancy S.

Brooke is wonderfully spot on intuitive. I highly recommend you get in touch with this Fierce Empath! 

*Becky H

When I had my first session with Brooke, I really didn't know what to expect and let me just say that the information that she relayed to me from my Guides was personal, deeply powerful and profound. Energetic attachments to certain people (some destructive) that I have carried over through many previous life-times were brought to my attention and with my permission released. I was given fresh insights into some present problematic relationships and this has helped me gain a greater understanding and patience. My energy is flowing again in a way that I haven't experienced in years, and I'm experiencing a new-found freedom energetically, emotionally and physically.

If you feel you are experiencing challenges energetically in any way, I strongly recommend working with Brooke. She is sensitive, compassionate, adept at the work she is doing and is a woman of the highest integrity. Thank you Brooke!

*Jan G.