Fierce Empath

Serious Mojo to get your Juju back


I offer Empaths (and anyone who is ready to take a leap) multiple pathways of support and healing:

FIERCE EMPATH SIGNATURE SESSION: An 80 minute combination of:

*appreciative inquiry intended to help you gain clearer, stronger connection to your own inner wisdom and knowing

*intuitive reading and healing

This usually means working together (with the assistance of high frequency service-to-others spirit guides) to identify and clear/heal blockages that are sabotaging your most radiant empowerment. These impediments could be non-beneficial belief programs you carry from childhood or even what we call past lives, outdated vows and agreements keeping you stuck in patterns that have nothing to do with your present situation or consciousness, emotional cords and bindings, DNA repair, ancestral timeline healing, removing implants, retrieving lost aspects of your authentic wholeness (soul retrieval type work) etc. Typically, with the help of loving guides, we clear and heal these blockages, replacing them with healthier, more empowered energies and integrating conscious programs you help create. This creates a fresh, stronger, healthier, clearer foundation to move forward from.

EMPATH MOJO MASTERY: A three month tailored-to-you program which includes 80 minute sessions every other week and intuitively guided work together via email on the in-between weeks.  This fiercely focused attention on awareness, healing and skill building can create huge leaps in growth, clarity and empowerment!

EMAIL READINGS: One Question and Three Question Email Readings, delivered within 3 days or less by request. Intuitive guidance/intel for burning questions you may have.

INTUITIVE READINGS: Straight up intuitive readings - no coaching- 50 minutes or 80 minutes. (30 minute quickies available for regular clients)

STRAIGHT COACHING/APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY (no overt woowoo): Though I confess there will be intuitive woo running in the background, I can do strong and highly beneficial coaching sessions to help you gracefully navigate hurdles on your life journey. 50 minutes or 80 minutes. (30 minute quickies available for regular clients).

The Guides that I work with are genuinely invested in our expansion and growth.  For this reason even the intuitive readings will not be like many "psychic readings" that give info like yes/no to a specific question. This work is about you and your growth, so the Guides will want to help you explore and understand the issue. As an example, one person who was referred to me did ask "Is my boyfriend cheating on me?" The Guides basically asked her to look at why she was with someone she needed to ask that question about and how and why it was important to her. They proceeded to ask her a series of questions challenging her to dive into her own choices and decisions.

For Signature Sessions and Empath Mojo Mastery: I am excited to work with people who are seriously ready to uplevel, shift, change and grow. The client must be open, committed, ready to listen - in order to use the information for your own betterment. The best results of working together are based in understanding, connection and trust. I am fiercely honest, fiercely supportive, and fiercely committed to my clients being fiercely empowered! The team created by you as a committed client, my focus and commitment, and the Guides' loving wisdom is serious fiercely supportive mojo to help you get your juju back!

You can book a free call to ask questions and so we can 'see' if we are a good fit. Or just book a regular session or reading and let's get to it!