Fierce Empath

Serious Mojo to get your Juju back

My J.O.B. is to help you excavate and enliven your eminent edge so that in your unique brilliance you can share your gifts exponentially.

I offer you a safe container to explore your empath-begotten raggedy bits, to clear and heal beliefs, wounds and grief that are tripping you up, and to nurture your transformation into full empowerment and self-mastery.




I use intuition plus appreciative inquiry - powerful questions intended to peel away layers - to help you get to the heart of an issue that is “up” for healing.

We then enter into an intuitively guided reading/healing session for you that clears non-beneficial energies, grounds new healthy energetic frequencies into your being and gives you actionable intel to help you move forward on your path with more clarity and purpose.

(Scroll down for descriptions of typical sessions and different guidance/healing modalities we might use).




Choose this type of session if you are clear about and can briefly and succinctly articulate what you need healing/guidance for or just want general healing/guidance.

This is an intuitively guided reading/healing session for you that clears non-beneficial energies, grounds new healthy energetic frequencies into your being and gives you actionable intel to help you move forward on your path with more clarity and purpose.




Choose this type of session if you want to dig down with appreciative inquiry and work on empath skills in a more worldly way.

An hour is set aside for these sessions but once you have your own “aha moment” and are ready to move with the impetus of your new knowing, we will adjourn, no matter how much time has elapsed, to preserve your momentum.

There will be “homework” between sessions, such as journaling, tracking thoughts, feelings and actions, and commitment to new habits. A consistent weekly appointment is highly recommended.



Choose this type of session to check in regarding ongoing healing protocols such as nutrition, herbs, essential oils or flower essences.

Introductory Rates*:

80 Minute New Client First Session - $70 (All)

30 Minute Power Session - $45 (Coaching or Health Consulting, and only after 80 Minute New Client First Session)

50 Minute Session - $70 (Coaching or Reading/Healing or Health Consulting)

80 Minute Session - $90 (Coaching/Reading/Healing or Reading/Healing)

*** Combination Coaching/Reading/Healing requires 80 minutes per session.

***Coaching only sessions are limited to 50 minutes per session.

*These rates are introductory and will increase as my practice grows.  Be sure to take advantage.



Prepaid Packages:

Prepaid Packages are a smart investment as my clients are experiencing big leaps of clarity with regular, consistent coaching and healing support/developing new skills/frequency upgrades.

4 session packages must be fulfilled within 8 weeks, and 8 session packages must be fulfilled within 16 weeks.



*A typical coaching session will include you sharing your clear take away/goal for the session, then entering into the appreciative inquiry process of powerful questioning to help you access your inner wisdom

-to create a big AHA, or new awareness for you to move forward with. It might include some homework to help you dig deeper also- such as journaling, tracking feelings, thoughts or behaviors or committing to creating a new habit. 

*A typical coaching/reading/healing session would include the previous PLUS then either you choose which direction you want to go with the intuitive healing part of the session, or we will open to the direction of your guides. I will then access the gamma wave brain state and my higher self and high frequency guides will work with you in one or occasionally a combination of the ways listed below.
*A typical reading/healing session will proceed directly to my accessing your guides and sharing their intel/healing as described below.

1) Implanted non-beneficial belief program identification/clearing/replacement Identifying and clearing beliefs and belief systems you have internalized that are not serving your highest good, installing empowering new belief programs in their place

2) Body scan to identify/clear multidimensional miasms or distortions A body scan can help identify and clear multidimensional health miasms- occasionally I am given very clear and actionable protocols for addressing the identified issues or general wellness too. The fact that I have an extensive background in nutrition, herbs, healing modalities and body systems helps me translate the guidance pretty easily. I love not using my intellect for this!  The information is very accurate and it comes from a field of intelligence lightyears more expansive and comprehensive than mine!

3) Identifying and clearing emotional miasms
A scan to help identify and clear emotional miasms – often with this modality flower essences or essential oils are recommended to help anchor new healthy feelings, continue to move out layers of emotional habits and support through releasing old wound patterns.

4) Channeled guide readings – your guides bring you messages of clarity and healing I call in guides who have the most important messages for you at this time. 

Most of the time we interact with 2 or 3 guides.  They might be your higher self, angels, starbeings, past lives, elementals, ascended master types, people you have known and loved in an ascended form, in animal form, etc. 

We will only interact with beings of the highest frequency and clear loving messages for both our highest good in a sacred container. I have strict boundaries around this.

5) Light Language or Reiki I carry energy healing modalities which could be employed as an overt modality if you choose or the guides direct it. These are always “running in the background.”

If you have a preference for one of these healing modalities, or intuit that one of them would be the best fit for a particular session, let me know up front, as that will allow more time for the actual healing work. 

I can ask for guidance on which modality would be most beneficial if you don’t have a preference. 

I am finding that this combination of identifying, clearing, healing, and grounding the new status quo into the client’s being is really allowing people to move forward on their path with a lot more momentum and purpose than mere awareness usually allows. 

Awareness is key, but movement thru at least a layer of an issue- often many layers - and anchoring into a new healthier embodiment really makes a difference- and allows major growth and transformation to happen faster and with deeper reverberations into life.